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About Model Railway Imports

Model Railway Imports
As of September 1, 2017, Model Railway Imports is owned and operated by Steve Ciazynski based in St. Catharines, Ontario.
The business, started over 50 years ago by Harold (Madg) Madgwick and his wife Iris, now offers improved accessibility with a fully functional website, e-mail ordering and PayPal payments.
A large variety of ready to run items, track, kits, and parts in a number of scales, as well as a selection of railway and modelling books are available.
The needs of our customers are continuously evaluated and our product line is changed accordingly. I would like to hear from you - please send me an e-mail for this purpose.
Steve Ciazynski
Born in West Yorkshire after the Second World War, Steve’s love of railways began at an early age when his grandmother would take him in his push-chair to watch the trains passing Manningham Station in Bradford. He soon began train spotting, cycling, hiking and hostelling throughout the length and breadth of Britain to “cop” and photograph the end of steam and beginning of the diesel/electric age.
Coming to Canada in 1967 didn’t dampen his enthusiasm as he continued to read books and magazines and began to build a collection of his favourite British engines. Steve developed a friendship with Madg, who provided his hobby supplies, as he perfected his modelling skills over the years. With his wife Elvera and three young sons, Steve loved to ride the steam trains of the North Eastern United States and British Columbia.
Frequently building, painting or repairing engines for friends, he models in OO scale and has a fine collection of engines. He also continues to cycle, founding the St. Catharines Cycling Club in the early 70’s and still competes in road and mountain bike races.
Steve and Elvera took over the business from Madg and Iris in 2006, gradually expanding the range of items stocked, the number of shows attended and developing a base of loyal customers throught North America. Sadly Elvera passed away in August 2017 and will be greatly missed by Steve and the many customers she befriended over the years.