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SALE! Sapphire Decoder was $49

OO Scale
Number: R8245


Supports 1 Amp continuous current with 1.5 Amp stall. low speed "gear" for shunting operations. Set amounts of "water" and "fuel" can be stored in the Sapphire providing real time fuel consumption. Burn rates can be selected.

21 Pin or 8 Pin with included adapter

  • Built to conform to all relevant NMRA standards
  • Auto control: allows for locomotives to start and stop based upon interval timer functions without input from the controller.
  • Directional and independent lighting with dimming and extensive special effects - steady state, strobe, flickering/random fast flash and steady flashing.
  • Simulation of water fuel loads with burn rate dependent on speed and operating parameters.
  • Four function outputs rated at 200mA each. Total current sum of function outputs = 500mA.
  • Supports Standard(basic) and advanced consist control.
  • Short and Long (extended) addressing.
  • Low speed gear for shunting operations.
  • Support for programming on the main-line (operations mode programming) as per NMRA Standards.
  • Provides 1A continuous motor current, 1.5A stall.
  • Support for all forms of programming as described in NMRA RP-9.2.3.


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