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DCC Digital Points and Accessory Decoder

HO/OO Scale
Number: R8247

This is a 'Special Order' Item


Being able to change points and operate accessories with the minimum of wiring and fuss is one of the main attractions of digital control and the Hornby Point Decoder allows the operator to do just that.Wiring points up in the old analogue fashion can be quite a daunting exercise. On some layouts which have numerous points this can mean that there are metres upon metres of cabling plus a whole bank of switches. Hours can be spent carefully wiring up the points only to find that there is a fault or an intermittent connection which means more hours of scrabbling about on the floor trying to locate the problem.With the Hornby digital system these horrors can be but a distant memory.

The Hornby Point / Accessory Decoder can be programmed to accommodate four point motors or solenoid operated accessories like semaphore signals or electric uncoupling ramps with the minimum of trouble. Connection of the points or accessories to the Hornby Accessory/Point Decoder is straightforward. 3 wires from the point motor (solenoid) are connected to the first three screw terminals on the decoder.

The next solenoid is connected to the second three terminals,with the following two solenoids being connected in the same way as the previous two. Once the solenoids are connected two wires are then plugged into the track using the Hornby R602 Power Connecting Clip, the location of which can be anywhere within reason that is convenient. Allocating addresses to the four points is then just as simple as pressing up to 4 buttons.

The four outputs are factory set for the operation of solenoid (point) motors, however, by adjusting the CV settings of each output a graduation of varying "bursts" of current up to a constant current (turntable motor operation, lighting, etc.) can be obtained for each individual output.

All Hornby points are self-isolating. To obtain the best from the Hornby Digital system it is recommended that all points arc made live by attaching 2 x R8232 DCC Electro Point Clips to each point.

A quantity of these clips are included in every Hornby Digital set, however additional clips can be obtained from most Hornby Stockists.

To aid fitting the Point/Accessory Decoder to your layout, you can download the drilling template (PDF File):


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